Saturday, May 12, 2007

The Greater Vietnam War-A War that Include Cambodia And Laos

The Vietnam war is one of the horrific war against humanity. The real history of Vietnam is deleted and a fabricated version has been created. Vietnam war was a greater war that includes Cambodia and Laos. What is Vietnam war? Is it a war against communist?!! I have done some research and a pattern emerges. Of course, being indoctrinated, you tend to believe what they told you. What the real war about Vietnam is not about fighting for freedom or promoting democracy. It's a war of ideologist, imperialism, colonialism, capitalism and darwinism.

Here is my thought on the war in Cambodia:

I believe Pol Pot was an American Asset. I truely believe this because of the time line with the Vietnam war to the CIA backed coup, Lon Nol and the illegal invasion of Cambodia in 1970. And from what I have gathered on CIA covert operations. The pattern is consistent. No doubt in my mind that Pol Pot was the CIA asset leading up to the late 90s. What a sick and twisted government and organization. A better way to understand this is to look at the correlation between Sadam Hussein. Sadam was and has always been the US asset leading up to the invasion of Irag, for over 40 years. Click on Link to watch the video documentary on Sadam's kangaroo trial.

You can say what Ideologist and the people involved, such as the Chinese. But you have to undestand the nature of war. Once the war started, you can find elements of surprises such as Pol Pot. In chaos, things don't work peaceful but only more chaos. You have to understand the psychology of human. Look, they can even turn you into a killing machine and mass kill your own people in time of chaos. It's that simple. It's psychological warfare and they understand the mind behavior through years of studying mind control since the mid 1950.

This is the psychic view they are achieving by deflecting the real perpetrator. Pol Pot is not the only one who does all the killing. Khmer Rough is just a bunch of armed peasants that manifested and spawned itself through the chaos and bombing. They managed to converge from 5000 to 50,000 strongs combatant in a short brief of time. Many believe those who jointed the liberation army (Khmer Rough)were confused and thought that they were doing the right thing. As always the puppet Lon Nol was deserted by his handler, the CIA, to fight Khmer Rough and Vietnam alone. The bombing is said to kill over 300,000-800,000 to a million people. Carpet bombing achieve the absolute objective and that is what happened in southern Cambodia and Shihonoukville. And you know how many Vietnamese are dead? Over four million vietnamese are dead. And just like Depleted Uranium being used in the middle east, Vietnamese are suffering from Agent Orange to this day. There were heavy b52 bombers bombing northern Vietnam to shit. They even thought about nuking Vietnam but afraid international mobilization against them. And if you look at Irag today, the civil war is designed. The project is called "the making of the new middle east". Iragi is going to be divided into three countries. They intensionally created death squad, puppet gov't, bombing mosque and blaming on opposite sectarians to get them to kill each other. Over a million Iragi are dead as a result of the us led invasion. And did you know that the sanction on Irag killed over a million Iragi and most of them are women and children. In fact, it's a known fact that foreign countries kill it own citizen to justify global 9/11. And experiment on it own soldiers (sixty five thousands soldier) just to collect data on chemical breakout. And their are many more! Here is an article about an experiment they did on college students in a prison enviroment. Listen or read the transcript- Understanding How Good People Turned Evil

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