Saturday, May 12, 2007

Spin History

I have heard so many spins when it comes to history. A classic spin is that they are always fighting each other. Of course, you will find that any where in all walk of life, from developed to developing countries. That's like saying that America deserved to be destroyed and divided because they can't get along with one another. Black, native American, South, North and Mexican should have their own sovereignty within the US. To equate and justification for destruction of someone because of this is insane. And people are stupid enough to buy into this type of notion.

Let's pretend that the Soviet invaded Mexico. America will feel compell to intervene. In fact, America did interven-in Cuba. So even if Cambodia prince did felt sympathy and supportive of Northern Vietnam, what is wrong with that? For sake, the Vietnamese are fighting off a foreign invader that is trying to enslave them. So what if the Northern Vietnam used southern Cambodia as a safe haven and use it as a weaponry transport. Does destroying a democratic country make the war winnable or justifiable? I see it as a way of killing three birds (Vietnam,Cambodia and Loas) with one stone. The vietnam war is not an isolated war in history. America has a long history of terrorizing the world from the establishment of the settlement colony to the debacle in the middle east. And in each case, the victim is at fault.

The destruction of Cambodia was designed to show that communist is bad and a smoke screen for the failured in the Vietnam war, which is a war of imperilism, genocidal, colonialism, racism and capitalism. In their PNAC doctrine, they detail about preventing any country around the world from rising up and challenging their supremacy. This ideologist is nothing new of course. Indeed war is one method but not limited. They also have the World Bank and IMF as their arm tools to empoverize and strangulized the world.

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