Sunday, May 27, 2007

Who is Pol Pot?

Blaming Pol Pot is like blaming a brainwashed soldier for taking "order" and doing his "job". When in doubt, look for patttern. Brutal dictator seems to pop out of the blue where ever the US is within vicinity, from Africa to the middle east, to central-south America to the far east.

So who is Pol Pot and why he is such an abomination? According to the smear propanda, Pol Pot was an educated man. He went to college in France. He came back to Cambodia when he exhausted all his options and still failed. Sometimes during his return, he went to north eastern border near Laos. There he laid down and felt connected to nature. And he was inspired to live a basic life in closed society that is not materialistic. This is what they created him out to be and justify his psychological behavior.

What I think really happened is something sinister. As he emerged from the chaos, they identify him as a potential asset. I think, between his emergenced and the time Khmer Rough captured Phnom Penh, he was pulled aside and "brief". During his briefing, he could have been brainwashed, coersed, brided, mind controlled. The one thing that puzzled me is the fact that when he captured Phnom Penh, he just went on a massacre spree. This isn't a revolution or reinvention of a nation. He not only massacre but he also torture people and the technique that were used are finger prints of the CIA. So I look for similiar situations as this and I found that there is an element of complicity. I looked at Iran (the Shah),Irag (Sadam),Indonesia (Suharto) and Chile (Pinochet) where the CIA ushered reign terror and repression on their people. And I also look at South America and Africa where I found similiar pattern. With Pol Pot, I believe he was coersed and mind controlled. The CIA has experiment many type of mind controls. Some of the well known one are artichoke, blue bird, MK Ultra, MK Delta and marichian Candidate. The fact the the US condemned the Vietnamese for pushing Khmer Rough out of power is also an evident that there is direct and indirection connection with Pol Pot. And Lon Nol is indisputed fact that the CIA used him to topple the democratic elected government. Morever, the US allied itself with Khmer Rough when it was driven out. They sent out humanitarian aid to heal and resupply Khmer Roughs with weaponry. I spoke with some elder people who saw truck load of foods and supply with UN sticker logo on, bounding for Khmer Rough sanctuary.

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